Anna Walker

Anna is a second year Master Student in Sustainable Development at the University of Geneva and coordinates the activities of THRIVE. Since her early childhood, an interest in cultures and languages has incited her to travel and work abroad. Being Swiss, she wants to welcome people here just as she has been welcomed several times in different places all over the world.


Ebun Aribido

Ebun is currently completing her master’s in Development Studies at the Graduate institute for International and Development Studies in Geneva. Her area of focus is human development, with an interest in migration and diaspora. Outside of school, Ebun enjoys travelling and blogging.


Lisa Godde

Lisa is completing her Master’s in Development Studies at the Graduate Institute for International and Development Studies and coordinates THRIVE’s communication. Passionate about other cultures, she has worked and studied in various countries, including work with refugees and in international development. She has an interest in social innovation, languages, baking and Latin American music and dance. 


Lydia Greve

Lydia is a Master student in International Affairs at the Graduate Institute of Development and International Studies in Geneva. She has an avid interest in South Asia, migration, labour and education and loves running, drawing and knitting.



Bpicture-betsyetsy Pipher

Betsy is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Standardization, Social Regulation, and Sustainable Development. She spent the last five years as a program manager at World Relief creating a training and mentoring program for skilled refugees and immigrants, promoting gainful employment and workplace diversity. Previously she served in a variety of capacities including engagement of international university students, community development programs and event planning. Betsy enjoys traveling, hiking, reading old English literature, all things vintage and re-purposing clothes.