Following the first session of Inter-Act & THRIVE, we are proud to announce the second session of Inter-Act & THRIVE, a “Human library” edition. This event is co-organized with the with CAUX-Initiatives of Change.

During our upcoming event, we will have storytellers – our books – share their stories related to refugees and the Swiss job market. We will have storytellers – our books – share their stories related to refugees and the Swiss job market. We are very glad to announce our storytellers of the evening:


Sabina Cervoni, Project manager at Hospice général

Sabina is Italian and alternates working in Geneva since 2004 with missions abroad for the ICRC. She currently works at the Hospice général where she makes the link between business and jobseekers. In her opinion, for a migrant to successfully integrate at the work place, it is important to reconcile one’s own culture with the local one.



Antonio de Lima,  HR at Supercomm Langues & Communication Suisse SA

Antonio has arrived in Switzerland, when he was 9 years of age and has done his school between Valais and the canton of Vaud. He has completed a Bachelor in Commerce in his home country, Portugal. When he came back to Switzerland several years after, he worked at several different companies before becoming the HR responsible at Supercomm. According to Antonio, Supercomm is a company with human values which concentrates on the competences of individuals. This is also why he has recruited a migrant with an F permit and where he learned about the simplicity of the administrative procedure.


Brice Ngarambe, project manager of the Refugee Food Festival in Geneva

Originally from Burundi, Brice has lived in Geneva as asylum seeker since June 2015. He works as a volunteer at Foyer d’Appia (collective center for migrants) and audits classes at the University of Geneva. He coordinates the Refugee Food Festival in Geneva since August 2017 and has personally contributed to finding the 5 chefs as well as the restaurants. According to him, communication is key for integration.




Dekyi Dolkar, founder of Himalaya Lunch Box

Dekyi is originally from Tibet and grew up as a refugee in India with her family. When she was 17 years old, she got scholarships to study in Italy, Australia, Taiwan and England. Thereafter, she came to Geneva to work for an organisation advocating for the rights of Tibetans. When her work place moved, she decided to stay to undertake research on the rights of minorites and federalism in Asia, by working with various NGOs and the European Academy. Currently, she is the founder of the Himalaya Lunch Box, providing homemade healthy and creative food every Friday at Foound.


Daniel Suda-Lang, Director of Genèveroule

With an academic background in social sciences and being a former bike courier, Daniel combines his interest for social causes and his passion for bikes in his work at Genèveroule. The association offers a first professional experience for asylum seekers and refugees, who do not yet have any professional education beyond high school. The association enables them to learn on the job and practice their French, while offering practical support during their job search. Daniel thinks that the motivation and perseverance of the refugees are key to their professional integration, as well as the openness of employers for the atypical career paths.


And the best part about it? You get to choose which stories you want to listen to! After listening to two storytellers of your choice, you also have to chance to mingle with the THRIVE community.

When:     Thursday, 14 October 2017, 18:30

Where :   Espace de quartier de Eaux-Vives, Rue de Montchoisy 46, 1207 Genève

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The space for the event is kindly provided by Inter-Actions, an association “that provides an inclusive space to relate to others differently (with everyone) and build projects together”.