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Asghede is a 35-year-old Eritrean refugee who dreams of re-entering the airline industry, a field in which he worked for six years as an employee with Yemen Airways – and where he put to good use his fluency in four languages (English, French, Tigrigna, and Amharic). He has a bachelor’s degree in marketing, combined with further studies in intellectual property rights as well as economics.

While working for the airline at Eritrea’s Asmara Airport, Asghede gained extensive experience supervising ground transportation, sales, ticketing, and operations. He also has more than five years of experience in marketing analysis and research in both Eritrea and Dubai.

Eritrea’s well-known dismal human rights situation, including indefinite forced military service and religious persecution, forced Asghede to flee the country’s oppressive totalitarian government in 2011. A close friend of his has been in prison for 13 years for daring to exercise the right to follow the Pentecostal religion, which Asghede also practices.

At the present time, Asghede provides free translating services for different organisations in Lausanne. He does, however, hold a Swiss permit B and is able and eager to find paid work. A bright, optimistic, and hard-working young man, he would be thrilled to have the opportunity to provide for himself and to eventually move out of the asylum center in which he currently resides. Asghede has said that : « If you have no purpose, life is meaningless,» and it is just such a purpose that he seeks here in Switzerland through gainful employment.

In sum, Asghede’s level of education, broad range of skills, and his determination to fight for independence and dignity has brought him this far. He seeks any open position in marketing, commerce, or the airline industry to help him soar to new heights.

Thank you for your attention to Asghede’s story, his qualifications in language, marketing, commerce, and operations, and his well-earned candidacy for an open position. We would very much appreciate your consideration of Asghede as a new hire to contribute to the success of your team.

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Spotlight – Asghede

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