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Written by Cyril Romann

Having been in Switzerland for eight years and originally from Kurdistan (Turkey), Necla is an inspiring, pleasant, motivated and engaged young woman with an impressive story:

In 2004, Necla and friend of hers started an initiative in Southeast Turkey, advocating for a public discourse on the conflict between the Kurdish and Turkish populations. At the same time she was also actively engaged in the democratization process in Turkey. The Turkish government quickly labelled her and her colleagues’ engagement as propaganda for the PKK (Kurdish Labour Party). Numerous unfounded claims such as the “proliferation of terror organizations” were issued and the initiative had to end. Necla had two possibilities: Prison or flight. She chose to flee, leaving behind her home, family, friends and work.

Necla had to give up everything. She was able to obtain a tourist visa and come to Switzerland. After a period of uncertainty, she received the positive asylum decision: Necla is now a recognized refugee with a B permit. She learned French very quickly and has built a social network. Later on, she studied Museology at the University of Neuchâtel where she worked in the University Library of the Faculty for Humanities and Social Sciences. Furthermore, she also worked in the department for cultural mediation in the Museum “Laténium”- the largest archeological museum of Switzerland.

Currently, she is working as service personnel at the restaurant “Studio” in Biel as well as with the online platform In addition to these two jobs, she is also an active volunteer. Not only is she offering translation services, she is also a supervisor at the Romandy Youth Movement (MSJR), where she is responsible for “ensemble”, an integration project aimed at young migrants.

Yet, Necla has more to offer and hopes to find a job related to her ambitions. She particularly stands out with the following skills and qualifications:

  • Experience in cultural mediation and event design as well as children’s entertainment and child care at the “Laténium” museum
  • Conceptualization and quality management at the “Laténium” museum
  • Multilingualism: French, Kurdish, Turkish, German (A2) and English (B1) with experience as a translator
  • Project management: several years of experience in an organization and with project implementation. She has further supported volunteers with project work, amongst others at the “Community Volunteers Foundation”
  • Coordination and organizational skill: experience as leader of a coordination center for volunteer engagement of students
  • Graduated archeologist with university degree
  • IT skills (Microsoft office and Adobe Photoshop)

Now it is up to you to win Necla for your team!

Necla is looking for an employment in the realm of migration, so she can pass on her own experiences with the asylum and integration process as to fully support refugees. She knows the problems which asylum seekers are confronted with very well and she wants to get active especially in the area of mediation and coaching, while continuing to work as a translator.

Necla’s likable persona, her curiosity and her versatile strengths will surely also bowl you over!

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Spotlight – Necla

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