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Written by Tiphaine Di Ruscio:

Hiba is a 23-year-old woman who arrived in Geneva in 2016. She had to flee her home country, Syria, because of the war. Her family then moved to Switzerland after getting a visa.

Hiba has a very strong profile. She holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the Arab International University in Damascus. There, she studied finance, investment and banking. After her graduation, she did a traineeship at the Commercial Bank of Syria. Before she had to leave Damascus, she also worked for two months as a Central Operation Officer at the Arab Bank in the treasury and funds transfers department.

She speaks English perfectly and holds the Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English that she obtained with a very high grade (198/210). She is also of course fluent in Arabic and is learning French: she indeed took a one-month intensive French course at the Graduate Institute last year and courses at the Université Populaire du Canton de Genève for five months.

While she is trying to get her bachelor’s degree recognized to start a master’s degree at the University of Geneva, Hiba is also looking for any professional opportunity (internships or jobs) which would help her gain experience in her field (banking, finance, accounting, business). 

Hiba is a very social person: she seems to be extremely motivated and interested in using her strong academic background in a professional environment. She told us she is always committed to what she does. In addition to being hardworking, Hiba is also definitely a fast learner and told us she finds team working stimulating.

In a word, Hiba is definitely someone you want to have in your team!

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Spotlight – Hiba

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