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Written by Laurent Haug:

Born and grown up in Aleppo, Syria, Mohamad studied electronic engineering at the local university. He has always been interested in computers, learning to code on large UNIX based mainframes in the late 1990s. He is fluent in Arabic, English, and French.

After completing his studies, Mohamad worked for the electrical company of Aleppo which was in the process of computerising their products and services. Managing a quarter of the country’s energy, the electrical company was employing 4’000 people and serving more than one million customers.

Mohamad was in charge of installing and maintaining the company’s billing tool, transitioning the old system to newer MsDos and Windows applications. Around 2000, he was involved in the chasing after the infamous “Y2K bug”, upgrading the databases from a NCR to an Oracle system.

He is very experienced with installing and administrating computers, maintaining databases and information networks across a large diversity of systems. While managing a team of 50 people, he also developed strong management skills aside from his technical capabilities.

In 2015, Mohamad had to flee Syria with his spouse and four children alongside the three sisters of his wife and their respective families. Overall a group of 20 that was “lucky” enough to receive visas to Turkey and come seek protection in Europe by plane.

Mohamad’s wife, Engy, is currently studying French and seeking a job as a social worker. The four kids are well integrated into Swiss life: two 18-year-old twin girls are in Geneva’s collèges and received their Maturité, the 15-year-old is attending the cycle and the youngest (9 years old) is attending a local school.

Mohamad is looking for an IT management job. With his many years of experience, he is someone who understands the high-level concepts of computer science, learns very fast and who can lead people and projects.

Mohamad is a husband and father whose life has been derailed by an armed conflict. Like you and I would be under such circumstances, he is seeking a way to put his life back on track. He wants to do things that are challenging and interesting, go to work and put an end this situation of being at home waiting for time to pass.

At 52, he plays Oud (a traditional instrument) and works on a duet with a Swiss German friend who plays the clarinet. He is involved with pro bono activities in his local community, and he is clearly someone Switzerland will benefit from, if given the right opportunity.

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Spotlight – Mohamad

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