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Written by Milena Mader:

Ranem grew up in Aleppo, Syria. Having a strong affinity to art, she decided to study Fine Arts at University for four years. She likes abstract art as much as she likes portraits, with human beings appealing more to her than objects. Ranem’s studies were very practical with her favourite techniques involving pencil and oil paint, the latter demanding a lot of patience all along the creative process.
Picture1ranemShe also taught Arabic and Art to 5 – 6 years old children. Working with children, helping them with their problems and seeing the world from their point of view allowed Ranem sometimes to forget for a bit the insecure future that Syria offered her and her family.

Next to Arabic, Ranem speaks English, which she already learnt at school back in Aleppo. Since she’s living in Geneva, she has started to learn French too – at first with a friend, then at the Espace Solidaire Pâquis and now she is finishing the level A2 within the official government courses.

In the 1.5 years that Ranem has been living in Switzerland, she volunteered for Caritas, helping to distribute clothes to migrant families. She is very interested in design, fabric and fashion, which you can feel and see immediately when meeting and talking to her.

Ranem is very open-minded, warm-hearted and forward-looking with a creative spirit. She is highly motivated to carry on studying and will try to have her Arts Degree recognized in Switzerland as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Ranem would like to find a job and also more volunteer work. She could imagine working in anything related to children and she’d love to study and work in fashion design later on, combining two of her biggest passions.

Having taught herself positive thinking, Ranem always find a way out of difficult situations, using her energy to move on. This is precisely what Ranem has done so far in Switzerland. She has already built up a solid social network with neighbors, family and friends and is hoping to add to this with a volunteer job or internship.

You can admire a little part of her stunning work in the photos and you will surely want her to carry on creating and give her the chances to further unfurl herself.
ranem collage 1





collage ranem3


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Spotlight – Ranem

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