Kinan Shabana – a success story on professional integration

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Written by Yasmine Sadri. 

The greatest honor for an organization like THRIVE is the ability to share success stories when our work is done. One of those stories belongs to Kinan: a husband, father, and engineer by occupation.

When Kinan contacted THRIVE about a year ago, he was lingering at the end of his hopes. We met with Kinan and listened to his story – a journey from a war-torn Syria to Switzerland. (You can read his story here) When contacting us, Kinan had already spent eleven months at his new home in Geneva, unable to find a job. “For someone who has always been active, had his own business in his home country, that was the worst period I have had to go through.”

Only a day after meeting with Laurent Haug, a THRIVE-interviewer and entrepreneur, Kinan’s phone rang with good news. “Kinan, there is someone who really wants to meet you,” Laurent had said. Patrick Delarive, a businessman from Lausanne, had read Kinan’s story and wanted to meet him. “You know, what I liked about my meeting with Patrick is that he told me up front: I cannot promise you anything,” Kinan recalls. “It was one of those moments where I had nothing to lose. The fact that someone was willing to listen to me, a man without the best knowledge of French, was enough for me.”

With thanks to Laurent and Patrick, Kinan has been employed by an engineering company in Vernier for the last ten months. “I want to express my deepest gratitude. Without someone like Patrick, someone like Laurent, someone who believes in your abilities, as a refugee, many opportunities are missed.”

By supporting THRIVE and helping spread the word, those opportunities are exponentially greater. We thank you in advance.

Below: Kinan with his wife Sandra (Looks familiar? –> We recently wrote a spotlight on her! )

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Success Story – Kinan

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