THRIVE – Towards Holistic Refugee Integration through Valuable Engagement


Our mission:

  • Serve as a nexus between refugees, employers, and citizens in order to facilitate access to the job market for refugees and ease integration into Geneva.
  • Collaborate with other refugee-assistance organizations based in Switzerland and abroad

Our long-term vision is to be a refugee-led association. This way, informed refugees can guide employers through the employment procedure of their fellow refugees. THRIVE also aims to create awareness on the current permit situation via advocacy activities.

Concretely, we are organizing and holding activities in the following areas:

  • Employment program that connects refugees to employers:
    1. Regular career workshops at Cité des Métiers to facilitate networking and developing soft skills
    2. Weekly promotion of selected candidates on our Facebook page
    3. Open door days in companies for refugees and employers to get to know each other
  • Advocacy and awareness-raising on legality issues and presence of viable employees via:
    1. An informative video on the different types of permits
    2. The THRIVE website, which serves as an informative space on the work permission situation in Geneva and Vaud
    3. Individual “Lunch & Learn” sessions within companies on how to hire refugees

The activities are led by THRIVE members and volunteers, who mostly work in the private sector as HR personnel or entrepreneurs. This facilitates networking and the spreading of pertinent information about the employability of refugees.