As an antidote to stigmatization the conference aimed to promote dialogue.

The conference provided speakers, the majority being refugees themselves, with a platform for sharing and fostering innovative ideas in addressing the situation of refugee integration. They had an opportunity to share inspiring ideas not only as refugees, but also, more importantly, as empowered individuals.


Meet the speakers


Lamya Hennache

The Maroccan lawyer and interpreter has been actively supporting the voices of migrants through her work as a member of the commission for integration in Bern as well as head of the African Diaspora Council of Switzerland’s Working Group on “Gender, Women and Culture”. An alumni of the University of Geneva, Lamya Hennache has completed a Master in International and European Law as well as a Certificate in Transnational Law. She is also the coordinator of the intercultural Café of women refugees.





Sylvain Agnithey

After coming to Switzerland 11 years ago, the Togolese started his own radio program on Kanal K in Aarau, called “Fenêtre sur l’Afrique”.  Besides his passion for this radio program, he has completed a Logistics course and worked 5 years in this area, being now temporarily employed at Nestlé in Fribourg.



Watch his speech from Oct, 26th 2016:



Rzn Torbey

After coming to Geneva 2.5 years ago, the 29 year old Syrian is now working as a Digital communication specialist at Nestlé Projects.  Rzn Torbey is also volunteering with Coup de Pouce – an initiative designed to provide help for those who were affected by the Syrian conflict.




Simon Meharipicture1simon

The Eritrean has lived in Switzerland for two years, working as gardener and waiter at the Bateau Genève. Before this, he has served with the military for 17 years and has always been a leading figure within his community.


Wegi Sereke

At ENGAGE 2016, Wegi Sereke talked about her experience in Geneva as a graduate student, a refugee, a mother and a professional. The holder of two graduate degrees (LLMs) currently works as a consultant at Europe External Policy Advisers after having been a Staff Attorney at the Legal Advisor’s Office to the Eritrean State President and working in various international organisations.



 Mohammed Wahabdeen

Mohammed Wahabdeen comes from Sri Lanka and lives in Geneva since 2014 where he opened his own shop.

 —more videos to come soon —