THRIVE is always looking for passionate volunteers to help with the connecting candidates with employers. However, we also know that in today’s world time is a scarce resource. This is why we offer specific roles for volunteers that you can manage flexibly and contribute when you have time.

If you represent a company, please click here to see how you can collaborate with THRIVE!


As an individual, there are many ways in which you can get involved:

Time Commitment: Low (flexibility to screen when you are available)

  • Meet with new THRIVE applicants to conduct initial interview, with the purpose of
    gathering information on their work history, their work experiences in Switzerland, their
    qualifications/education and their level of motivation
  • Create candidate profile for website (according to those guidelines)
  • Create candidate spotlight to be broadcast throughout THRIVE network. This is a 300-
    word marketing pitch about the candidate’s story, strengths, work experience, and value
    add to companies.

Employer Liaison
Time commitment: Low (flexible)

  • Must possess a depth of understanding related to different permit types and hiring
    requirements (which we provide)
  • Will meet with or assist businesses as needed
  • Introduce THRIVE candidate to new employer for internship/employment
  • Coordinated by Employer partnership manager

Employer Outreach
Time Commitment: Low (flexible, completed at your own pace)

  • Build new business partners and recruit employers to take on THRIVE candidates as interns
    or employees
  • Will be led by Employer Partnerships manager

Internal Communications:
Time Commitment: Medium (10 – 15 hours per month)

  • Respond to inquiries by THRIVE candidates or refugees interested in becoming candidates
  • Send out event/networking opportunities
  • Led by community coordinator

Post Internship Follow-ups
Time Commitment: Low (flexible and done at your convenience)

  • Meet with candidate and/or employer at the completion of the candidate’s internship to
    conduct the post-assessment
  • Enter information into the online THRIVE excel sheet
  • Point out any relevant feedback that could help shape or adjust THRIVE services
  • Led by follow-up coordinator

External Communications volunteer
Time Commitment: Low ( 5 – 10 hours per month)

  • Maintain THRIVE social media by responding to comments/messages and posting relevant
    articles, information, and updates
  • coordinated with External Communication responsible
  • Regularly update the THRIVE website, for it to become our primary platform

Media Outreach Volunteer
Time Commitment: Low (5 – 10 hours per month)

  • Contact media and schedule interviews or similar for THRIVE to improve the public
  • Function as the main contact for media
  • Distribute information and brochures at relevant events
  • Keep an updated list of media and other relevant contacts

Research Volunteers
Time Commitment: Low (flexible, completed at your own pace)

  • Working with Hospice General, complete easy to understand informative page on permit
    types and hiring of each permit. Use diagrams to demonstrate.
  • Compile extensive list of all refugee services agencies in Geneva and what services they
    offer. Present information in an appealing way to be used for website.

Time Commitment: Low (2-8 hours/ month)

  • Proofread and edit texts before they are being published, such as: candidate ‘spotlights’,
    website content, etc.


To get involved, shoot us an email!